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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pick a model for Saturday

The models differences are driving me nuts for Saturday and Sunday. One day looks to be a moisture issue and the other a capping issue. The 0Z NAM has brought back some confidence in the southeast / eastern Nebraska play for Saturday. Still a little early to throw out a prelim target for real but just for S&G's, everything seems to point towards the Wilber, NE area as there is a window around 21Z-0Z for the cap to erode for initiation. I'm sure everyone and their dog will be in that area. Get there early to get a good parking spot!

Sunday is really up in the air after looking the the 0Z NAM. I really want to compare the GFS but will wait until morning. It really looks like capping will be an issue with everything south of I80 in Nebraska above the magic 10C H7 line. Could easily be a southeast NE show again. We'll see.

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Midwestchaser said...

I'll be out on Sunday, maybe we'll be in you...and a million other chasers. Looks like southeast Nebraska, like you said south of
I80. Will the cap break? That's the question of the year.

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