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Friday, June 5, 2009

Still looks game on for Saturday..and Sunday...and Monday...and ??

Barring a major jinx along the way, tomorrow is shaping up as if it might actually pan out for some good sups. Note I didn't say "tornadoes". Keep in mind I was locked in this freakin ice box of a state for a solid 4 month winter, a spring which never brought storms, and now as we head into summer, the tinder box from hell as we are more likely to see more wildfires at the present time than marginal severe hail. In other words, I'll take whatever I can get. Still liking southeast to south central NE. North central Nebraska is a better tornado play for tomorrow looking at the 18Z NAM but I really discount this run as it usually doesn't pan out. I also doubt if the instability up there will verify. Too late in the year to bank on a highly sheared low instability target....give me the CAPE.

Sunday is still up in the air. It looks good....but will the cap be the killer before dark? Still watching southeast NE into Iowa for this one.

Monday could be east central Iowa (or ever further east). I have always done poorly over there to begin with plus I just don't care for battling the Mississippi River. We'll see. A better play may be the DCZ with some modest orographic lift. Much more likely to do this if it verifies. Besides, it would be nice to see some people I rarely get the chew the rag with face to face.

Beyond that there are just too many discrepancies. I'll find something...


Midwestchaser said...

Maybe I'll run in to you on Sunday. Gonna be out, not sure with who, but I'll be out there.

I hear the circus is gonna be in town down there...

Andrew said...

I sure hope you played the west target today...

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