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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strike one


Welllll...that sucked. I started talking myself into this "Iowa is a better play" mindset on my way over to OAX yesterday morning as I am a sucker for pseudo warm fronts and backing surface winds. Dews were great as they climbed into the mid to upper 60's but the lacking convergence along the sagging boundary later in the day wasn't enough to overcome the warm H7 temps which were working their way north. By 4pm it was really evident the boundary was struggling as the Cu dried up from the south so I started creeping north up to Harlan where I finally tapped out. Note to others, DO NOT hang out downwind of the Oakland, IA water treatment ponds. Poop and chemicals....yeeeech.

To the dude in the red Chevy Silverado extended cap pickup with Nebraska plates and the cute magnetic Skywarn logo on the driver's side on the gravel south of I80 between Walnut and Avoca: I don't give a crap if there aren't any storms. Stopping in the middle of the road with your doors wide open so you can get out to shoot the bull with your buddy (who was pulled over safely) RIGHT OVER THE CREST OF A HILL is plain STUPID. I'm sorry your mommy didn't give you a better brain.


So today...SPC has really gone all in based on the models for KS today with the mod. Wow. The original plan was to head to Hiawatha, KS today but after looking at the data (vis sat shows the boundary is really pronounced already) coupled with the OFB from the overnight/morning convection up here), adjusting a little further west and south to Junction City, KS by 3pm. Time to shower, get some chow and get back on the road.

EDIT: After going through the 13Z RUC (breaking my "no model" rule for the day of the chase), adjusting my target a little further east and north to St. Mary's KS. Gonna try to position myself a little downstream as the low level shear will increase into the evening.

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