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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A stormy commute


What the hell is going on with Minnesota drivers? We used to be so tough 6" of snow was nothing and a little pea sized hail or dark clouds never impeded our ability to navigate our way from point A to point B!! Cripes, now the minute a little water falls from the sky or a 1/4" of snow falls, the roads come to darn near a standstill! If you are so scared of getting in a crash, STAY HOME! You end up being a bigger danger than the weather!

My commute home tonight consisted of a nice little severe warned hailer, some MORON in a gray Dodge 4x4 who almost rear ended me just outside of Maple Plain, a 2.5 mile backup on highway 12 on the bypass which is supposed to speed things up (except when it rains or snows now), a roll cloud, and to top it off, some total dumba$$ in a garnet red minivan who made a left hand turn off CR14 to head west on MN55 (the local corner-O-death). Yes, a-hole, those are cars traveling at least 55 mph heading east. This guy had to FLOOR it while turning to make it into the westbound lane while the cars heading east avoided him by veering into the right turn lane. Hey buddy, if you wanna go down in your family's history as being an idiot, go do it somewhere else...or else you get to lead the news over at KMSP and I get paid to string video of you being shoveled up off the road while some kids wonder why you killed their mother.



Anyhow, here are a couple of pics Cailyn and I took while out hunting for lightning the other day.



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