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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 years ago and Mark Dayton is a DOUCHEBAG

Three years ago my family stood three generations deep shoulder to shoulder watching a brief tornado near White, SD. Three years ago tonight Jamie Wendt died in the Rogers, MN tornado. That one still bugs me as I was 2 miles to the northwest when the tornado touched down and I had no visual clue from my location. The public outcry landed on the ears of the MN senator Mark Dayton who opened an inquiry into whose head would roll at MPX since they had to have made an error which caused Jamie's death. BS. Mark Dayton is a deep pocket POS who is a great example of what is wrong with our society. I usually play the middle of the road when it comes to politics but when it comes to Mark Dayton, I draw the line. Too bad they can't tie this moron to Tom Petters or Bernie Madoff somehow. Now he wants to run for governor in 2010. I pray he doesn't even make it to primary.

48 hours from now I'll be nestled in a tent with Melinda somewhere around 47.5N 91.0W and all will be right in the world for a few days.


This photo is from another tornado warned cell out in Renville county after the SD torns and before the Rogers tornado. One guy I have always had a lot of faith in is Todd Krause, the WCM from MPX. As obvious as this bad photo looks (darn lightning wouldn't cooperate), Todd did the legwork and phone work. No tornado. It's nice to work with a class WFO who isn't looking to boost torn counts or hike up their warning to verification ratio.


April Knight said...

That's so sad that you feel that way about Mark Dayton. Perhaps he's not a weather expert, but at least he cared enough to look into it. I'm definitely voting for Mark Dayton. He's a kind person, and truly cares about others, which is very rare in politics.

Scroll down to read why I'm voting for Mark.

mnwxchaser said...

Really Ms. Knight?

Let us take a moment recall Mr. Dayton's past.

From his wiki page:

"In April 2006, Dayton was selected by Time as one of "America's Five Worst Senators." The magazine dubbed him "The Blunderer" for "erratic behavior" such as his closure of his office in 2004"


You don't get that type of notoriety by being a stellar leader and decision maker.

Dayton was nothing more than a personal agenda flaunting hypocrite. History repeats itself. Why would any Minnesotan with even the slightest of an eduction waste their vote on this moron? Oh, and for the record I'm not a Republican either. Nor am I a Democrat. I vote the person, not the party.

April Knight said...

That Time magazine article was a gross misrepresentation of the real story. Dayton gave the entire senate an F for failure to accomplish anything. The Democratic party was in the minority at the time. Mark Dayton did many good things for Minnesotans. He had no seniority, as it was his first term; he was in the minority party. Yet he stood up in favor of some unpopular issues because he always followed his conscience and did what was right. He voted against the Iraq War. He voted against the Marriage Amendment. Check out my webpage to see all the good things that Mark Dayton did. Then perhaps you should apologize to him.

mnwxchaser said...

April (pen name), you are so out of touch with how Dayton handled this incident you are embarrassing yourself. I suggest you stay in your little liberal corner and throw rose petals along with the rest of the bleeding hearts. I'm sure you read my rebuttal on your biased (or blinded) blog entry where you were kind enough to provide a link to here. Click away. It will never change Dayton's factual history of politcal blunders.

Midwestchaser said...

Anyone who knows anything about weather and radar interpretation knows that the storm that caused the tornado and fatality knows that the storm was a rare breed, and gave little to no hint at what it was about to do. Mark Dayton made it obvious he was, is, and never will be one of those people.
My question is this: If Mark Dayton truly cared so much about what happened, why didn't he push as hard to do something about it as he did to make an uproar about it? After hearing his initial statements on the news, I never heard a single word from him or about the situation again. I can assure you that if he had cared enough to actually do something about it instead of just making it sound like he cared to get brownie points, we would've heard about it on the news since that would be a big local story. It seems a little odd he criticized the NWS so hard for something he knew absolutely about to get publicity and a better reputation, but when it came time to actually do an investigation the entire situation went away.

Andrew said...

Plus he talks like a dumb Norwegian. That sealed the deal for me.


April Knight said...

Well, I guess you've never met him personally. Everything he does is not for political reasons. He's actually a nice guy. Seniors sure like him a lot. So do unions. I guess you're surprised that he has so many supporters all across MN. I've blogged a ton of good stuff about him. If he didn't do anything good, how on earth did I find so many good things?

Andrew said...

April. A blind dog will find a bone every once in a while. Unions like him? Well dang, let me hop on board! Not.

How can you keep defending someone who has been voted the worst US Senator and called "the blunderer" by Time Magazine (that bastion of Conservativism, lol). The same man who wanted to create a "Department of Peace and Nonviolence" (Yes, FOR REAL!, a government entity entitled DEPARTMENT OF PEACE AND NON-VIOLENCE!!). The man who was frustrated by his LACK OF POWER in the Sentate, not understanding what his job was going to be like. The same man who gets a CIA "worst case SCENARIO" briefing, purely hypothetical, and shuts down his offices. Only to be lambasted by the STAR TRIBUNE and every other liberal entity and individual on earth (lol, not to mention conservatives). Google what the Star Tribune said about your friend. It's too long to quote here, but the day I read it I absolutely could not believe the StarTrib dared. Just tells you how badly the man STUNK.

By the way, all this stuff is easily found online, and no, sadly for you and your liberal friends, it is not only found on conservative websites. It's ALL OVER the place.

Bear with me, I'm going to continue. Same man who said "The Mayo clinic is worth a hell of a lot more than the State of South Dakota". Same man who behaved so shitty in the Senate that even BARNEY FRANK took sides against him. BARNEY FRANK!!! The entire Senate is full of stories about this dumbass. He made the State of Minnesota looks like a bunch of backwards, dumbass stone age Norwegians. Even people on the streets of DC were making fun of him when I visited in 05. I remember this! He was the laughingstock of America.

A total zombie, no charisma, no intellect, just money. Just proves that money buys you ANYTHING in this country (As in, $12 million). Wonder how much he'll drop on the governor's race? Hopefully the general public wakes up to this before this knuckle dragger is elected governor. The most satisfying vote of my lifetime will happen in Novemeber when I get that one chance to say NO F-ING WAY!

I guess he's a Democrat, though. So vote for him, liberals, just because. Just because.

Good grief if this guy were a Repub he'd have been stood up against a wall and shot to pieces by the media years ago. You KNOW that's the truth.

I need to quit because I'm scaring myself. If this troglodyte actually gets in as governor, this State will take decades to recover.

Midwestchaser said...

I can find good qualities about Hitler. Does that make Hitler a good person? Your logic is very flawed.

Joshua Grubens said...

Seniors, and weak minded people will like anyone who gives them a free handout. Dayton is all about taking from the rich and giving to the poor, as long as he isn't the one giving. See, that's the problem with idiots...they all happen to follow who can give them the most for nothing. Too bad that the weak minded seem to be the ones who follow him and their ilk. (Nancy Pelosi comes to mind.)

Why is Mark Dayton running for governor? Oh yeah, to RAISE TAXES! Yeah, let's keep raising taxes. How is that working out for you in MN. Looks pretty good...double digit unemployment, foreclosure rates skyrocketing...Yep! It's working great for you. Hell, it's worked out great in New York, Massachusetts, and California too....Oh, wait a minute....

Here's a novel thought - why don't you limousine liberals let people keep some of the money they make? Hell, I work hard for my money. Why should I not get to keep it? Just so that I can pay for welfare for some unemployed mom who keeps popping out kids every chance she gets because she is too stupid to use birth control and too lazy to get a job? Why should I pay for that? Why should I pay for some immigrant to sit on a street corner and shoot up some store, and then listen to him bitch, moan and complain about how the "WHITE MAN" is oppressing him? I make my money, I work for it, I should get to keep it. It's a shame most democrats and their kind do not see the value of hard work anymore.

To put it into perspective, I moved from MN to ND. I took a $20,000 a year pay cut. TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR. Guess what? I am taking home more of my money each paycheck. Is ND in any sort of foreclosure/unemployment crunch? Nope. ND is running over a $1,000,000,000 (ONE BILLION) dollar surplus! OH. MY. GOD! The schools are not collapsing. The roads are not falling apart. We don't have gangs running up and down the street killing people. Sometimes, raising taxes isn't always the answer. Perhaps giving people the tools to get on their feet is. Not giving a handout.

In all honesty, when Dayton was in office, he was regarded as a joke amongst other Senators. His whining and complaining about how he was a junior senator has nothing to do with it. My opinion that he was a spoiled brat who was whining to mommy because he didn't get his way proved it to me. This issue of him trying to find someone to 'blame' for the Tornado that hit Rogers just solidifies that idea. When in doubt, blame someone. Never, EVER force someone to take responsibility. Always find someone to blame. While that girl's death is a tragic one, it could just has easily been prevented by her and her family. They just never bothered to take the necessary precautions - just how Mark Dayton jumped all over everyone else to find someone to blame, rather than force the responsibility back onto the family.

Every politician has an agenda. It's just too sad that you are blinded by your own racism against others who do not think like you to see it.

Yes, that is correct - the absolute RACISM the democrat party shows - I put them in the same pile as the KKK, the Black Panthers, and even Al Quaida.

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