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Friday, December 4, 2009

11th hour MSW breakthrough!

Todd Krause, the WCM from MPX, has volunteered to express my concerns to the MSW board in the morning. Thank you Todd. This whole training/reporting/incompetence mess MSW has is a volatile issue and I can't think of a better person to be the spokesman. Even though Todd is NWS, the NWS has no formal tie to MSW so therefore no conflict of interest...kind of. Obviously the NWS needs accurate ground reporting from COMPETENT spotters and right now MSW cannot provide that service...right now.

The are a couple of what I consider to be bombshell breakthroughs on the horizon and I view both to be integral parts of the overall fix for MSW eventually. Namely re-vamping the training program and get rid of the dead weight. There will be some private meetings and even a covert operation or two coming up, but finally there are people committed to making MSW change their ways. I am only one of them and will do whatever it takes.

To the MSW dictators who read this blog, keep one thing in mind. The old days of ham reporting procedures being the focus of MSW are about to be over. This is about knowing what the hell you are looking at ACCURATELY before you key the mic. I couldn't could care less how many years you have been a ham, what class of license you hold, or how many field day contests you have won. The new MSW which will rise from the ashes is not going to resemble what is there now.

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