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Friday, January 29, 2010

Holy crap! Metro Skywarn shows signs of a heart beat!!..and shelf #4, 8-10-07 Hoven, SD tornado

So, I get a message from Michael Stanga on Facebook telling me I should go read the MSW spring newsletter. What do you all think? Is it better to kick in the door when a gentle knock doesn't get an answer? The following quote was written by Mike McIlheran who is the MSW newsletter editor:

One storm chaser
suggested that Metro Skywarn be disbanded and that
a new elite group of certified spotters and chasers
take our place. That chaser pointed out that we are
still getting a substantial number of spotters calling in
non-reportable conditions (i.e. striated clouds, sirens
sounding, clearing skies, etc.).

Sounds to me like the power of the keyboard echoing. I almost crapped myself when the 70% requirement of passing the test is being put into effect. Better enjoy that free donut and coffee Mr/Ms Super Spotter...the time for quality control and an expectation standard has arrived. Be sure to read the entire article
on their newsletter here.

I am very comfortable with Theresa Caspers being on the board of directors and in charge of the training program. I know her roots in the Skywarn program and yes, she can chase without the help of a SWODY1.

So, the hurdle has been cleared. That was the easy part. Now comes the hard part in executing the plan in order to make the spotters competent in what they are doing. I don't expect them to be a whole lot better this season but I guaranty you they will be better in 2011...to the point they will hopefully no longer be an embarrassment to volunteer public service. Will I continue to point out failures and name names? Damn right I will. I still haven't played my best card in this mess yet. It's there...ready to be shown if needed.


Enough of the ongoing saga of Bill vs. MSW for now. More fun stuff with shelf clouds. Hello South Dakota on August 10th, 2007 out in Campbell County north of Mobridge. Every wonder exactly what the inflow/outflow interface looks like in an outflow dominant supercell? Here it is along the gust front out in front of the leading edge of the shelf. Heavy smoke from a grass fire started by a lightning strike clearly outlines the cold outflow racing along the surface while the warm inflow is pushed up and over the top in a classic wedge shape! And yes, Cullen, David, Kristen, and I scored the Hoven, SD tornado after this!

Hoven,South Dakota,tornado

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Love that shelf pic, Bill!

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