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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shane Adams is a D-BAG!!! and shelf #3

I'm really tired of hearing this. Shane and his "Debris" show are nothing new....it's Shane being Shane but in a "new" media format. If you are familiar with his blog writings over the years or his opinions on various wx boards, you know he calls it like he sees it. If you don't like his approach, tone, or delivery, don't watch, read, or listen. I'm not saying he isn't a little rough around the edges and his approach to dealing with issues in the chaser community are a little "bully-ish" at times, but they are damn effective. 'Nuff said.


Today's shelf is from July 19th, 2006 of a mid morning mauler coming over the west Minneapolis metro shot from the Ridgedale mall parking lot. The southern part of the line did some light damage but it sure was a nice start to the day visually.


Midwestchaser said...

lol, the only ones who think he's a d-bag are the ones he's calling out, and they deserve it.

Shane Adams said...

Thanks for the post Bill, we appreciate all the publicity we can muster. It's tough being the red-headed stepchild in a world full of High Instability and Weatherbrains fanatics. We offer an alternative take on things related to chasing and more importantly - chasing's people. I think too many folks get wrapped up in science and forget that people are what brings it all to life.

Our following is small, and we don't get the public support on wx-chase, st, and other arenas the "big guys" do. But we enjoy what we do and soemtimes - GASP - we even enlighten our audience. LOL, thanks again for the plug, even if it was unintentional.

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