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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watching the storm setting up down south and SHELF OF THE DAY!!

Boy, models are really pointing to the Texas panhandle and northern Oklahoma to get hammered by a doozy of a winter storm. A foot of snow will be pretty common on the north side of the temp gradient with areas right along the boundary getting iced pretty bad. Good for them. I find it entertaining how "storm chasing" is evolving into more of a "extreme weather experience" hobby. Enthusiasts are now willing to travel 10's of hours to experience the worst weather they can find regardless of the season. I see nothing wrong with this approach other than you are increasing your odds of getting killed on the road by about 1000 times! Regardless, I hope everyone heading south for the Thursday into Thursday night event has a good time. My advice is to arrive early, get a hotel in close proximity to where you want to experience the storm (preferably along a major interstate corridor) and stay warm. Remember one of the golden rules of stringing (cough, cough, streaming?). Document the story. Don't become part of the story.


Today's shelf cloud is courtesy of the great state of North Dakota on July 10th, 2004. This ended up being a heck of a fun chase with the storm crawling east at only about 15-20 mph right along the I94 corridor. Although the storm did have a tornado warning on it at the time, it never developed any visual signs of actually going tornadic.

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andy said...

You can't beat that with the train in the shot.

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