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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Satan is on earth NOW and Shelf #6


Yup....Lucifer himself is walking amongst us now. Actually he is driving a snowplow in central Minnesota and has every intention of taking the souls of as many mailboxes as possible with him back to his lake of fire. Ok, the real story is we have two different guys who run the plows in our area. One guy takes it easy and is pretty considerate of the residents. The other guy goes balls to wall and has taken out at least 50% of the mailboxes on our road so far this winter by blowing them over by going too fast creating so much force the snow coming off the wing will snap a 4x4 post or rip 1" rebar right out of a concrete footing. Guess which guy is pure evil. Anyhow, the city finally cut us a break today by coming through and cutting back the 3'-6' banks so they have somewhere to plow the snow from future storms and the kids can safely use the sidewalks to get to and from school. Funny how they left 2'x2' squares around the mailboxes as that snow is all that is holding them up now! As soon as that snow and ice starts to melt, MANY residents are going to find their mailboxes on the ground. Ahhhh...another one of the perks of living in God's country.

Shelf #6 is more of a roll cloud before it morphed into an arcus.


July 13th 2006 out in Yellow Medicine county of Minnesota. This little bugger had outflow winds pushing 70 mph which flattened a lot of corn and took down some pretty decent sized trees in Granite Falls.

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