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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The sky is changing and shelf #7

It was great to be able to see the sun right at the horizon tonight at 5:44pm. If you haven't noticed, the blues are starting to change as well as the oranges and reds are starting to get richer. I was thinking yesterday back to March 25th 2007 when David, Melanie and I chased a rather odd early season red box up here. Bottom line is the storms sucked but we had a lot of fun hanging out in Albert Lea with Eric and Carrie Whitehill, Tony Perkins, and Doug-E-Money (Kiesling). Spring is coming....spring is coming.


This did not turn out as I hoped. Really hard to get the aperture set right due to all of the light pollution now. Maybe start shooting with a ND filter at night???

On to Shelf #7!!!!


This mushy looking severe storm is out near Silver Lake, MN in McLeod county on May 30th, 2008. Outside of dropping some quarters, the storm really didn't do a whole lot.

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Midwestchaser said...

Sat out in my car eating some Subway in between classes today with the window down. Felt good. Then I saw all the snow and remembered how much longer we have to go.

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