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Monday, July 18, 2011

July 17 2011 - 3 tornado warned supercells

Not too often you can leave an hour after a tornadic sup goes up early enough in the day where you can drive 3 hours to intercept, chase it for a couple of hours until it dies, then go after 2 more warned sups, dodge an EF3, and still be on the road home before the sun hits the horizon.





Michael Thompson said...

Hi Bill, nice photos! I love that first one! I was at that storm, closer in, and did not see that awesome wrap around look. Sometimes being too close one can miss a lot of good things!
Anyhow, I need to get a good wide angle lens and I was wondering what you used for that shot, thanks

mnwxchaser said...

Hi Michael. Congrats at getting the only clean view of the Berlin torn. I had it less than 2 miles to my northwest coming at me while I was in Berlin and couldn't see it. Again awesome job on getting that shot. Anyhow, the shot was taken with a Tokina 11-16 f2.8 at 11mm wide open. I'll need to post some of the vertical shots at some point as even with a superwide, I could barely get it in the frame from that distance.

Michael Thompson said...

Thanks! I was very fortunate to get a very short window where that thing was barely visible, then it closed up again for good. I got a little help on the pics from my contrast slider too :)
Anyhow, thanks for the lens info, I shoot with a Canon Sxi, would that lens be compatible with it?
Keep up the good work, your photos of storms and wildlife have been really inspiring to me for almost a year now!

David Drufke said...

Great pics! Love the color.

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