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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shots From The Weekend and HERE COME THE IRENE PHOTOS!

Sooooo....already starting to see pics from the upper mid west and plains being labeled as hurricane Irene shots. I just cannot get over how gullible and flat out stupid some people are.


A good way to vent is via Photoshop so a few layers later I put this image together and posted on my FB page as: "WHOA....check out this picture my sister's friend's cousin's ex baby daddy's momma's parole officer took of Irene making landfall in North Carolina yesterday morning." I hope it opens some people's eyes to be a little more critical than being so blind and on auto-pilot.

We had a sudden death in the family this past week which required the family to gather up in Grand Rapids on short notice. While the mood was very somber, I did monkey around with the stars on Friday night. Slowly but surely I'll have the art of star trails figured out.


Instead of pointing north, I tried looking south to see what the Milky Way would do. The end result? Meh...

Notice there is one frame missing in the star trails? The image above is 26 30s shots. This is the missing frame:


The kids were heading in to the house and did not see me in the dark. So as they passed the front of the garage, I yipped like a coyote and within a second Jessica was on a dead run for the house! Note the blue streaks from her LED flashlight in the bottom right corner. You can see where she actually jumped! Anyhow, she flew into the house and immediately turned on the outside light which screwed up that frame but oh well, it was funny.


The moonless night sky of northern MN.


One shot showing how brilliant the Milky Way can be once you get away from light pollution.


Honey the Labrador and my mom sitting on the front deck at Bruce and Sandy's.


One more of the dogs taking a break.

Weather horizon looks pretty quiet again (still). Some moisture and instability works its way in toward the end of the week but doesn't look too impressive but it is something to watch at least.

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