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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 1st...a little different paddle trip & new parents and the osprey are home!

Yup, it could be done. Less than a mile as the crow flies from my front door I could access the rest of the world by water. From Buffalo Lake, into Mill Creek, through Deer Lake, back into Mill Creek, into the north fork of the Crow River into the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico and onto the rest of the world. I'm sure someone has done a trip from the eastern shore of Buffalo Lake to the Gulf of Mexico but I was just happy to cover the distance from Sturges Park on Buffalo Lake down to Crow Springs Park. I'm guessing it is less than ten miles as it only took me a couple of hours. It was a fun Sunday morning adventure none the less.


My approximate route.


Looking back at my starting point in Buffalo, MN.


Crossing Buffalo Lake in the fog and mist. A cool 42° out at the time.


Looking back to where I started on the east side of the lake.

Clip of crossing Buffalo Lake...2x speed.

Leaving Buffalo Lake via Mill Creek and heading to Deer Lake.


The outlet of Mill Creek going into Deer Lake.

Heading out of Deer Lake back into Mill Creek. Not as much water going over the water control structure as I had hoped! Thank goodness for a rotomold 'yak. Thanks Current Designs!


Wide spot in Mill Creek west of Wright CR12 near the confluence of another creek coming from the west. A lot of waterfowl and even some sandhill cranes on the shore!

Crossing under Wright CR12 in Mill Creek just upstream from the confluence with the North Fork of the Crow River.

The closest thing I saw to a snag. About 1/2 of a river mile downstream from Wright CR12. Looking back upstream. Just enough room to get through on the left side of the image. The gap will be on your right side coming downstream. It's right around a sharp corner so you need to be ready!


Confluence of Mill Creek and the North Fork of the Crow.


Just some pretty river scenery upstream of Crow Springs Park.


The 40th St SE bridge over the North Fork of the Crow. The take out at Crow Springs Park in on the right about 500 feet past the bridge.

This may not have been the most pretty paddle in the area, but is was interesting with the combination of lake, creek, and river paddling. Won't be able to do this much longer as Mill Creek will get pretty shallow with no big spring run off and not a lot of rain!


Late Sunday afternoon I went out to check a couple of eagle nests. This one sure looks like the parents will be busy feeding eaglettes now!


Horrible light as very late in the day but it was good to see one of the osprey is back. Of the three osprey nests I checked, this was the only one with a bird hanging around. I never saw the mate so I may not even be part of the nesting pair who usually occupies this nest. I'll go back and check on it again soon.

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