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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shots from the weekend! Big Lake Fire Department Burn!

A big thanks to Doug Hayes for inviting me to attend the Big Lake Fire Department's live training burn on April 6th! I wish I could have stayed for the entire event but Doug and his son, Levi, did a fantastic job! I left them my cameras to shoot with (if you can't trust your insurance guy with your stuff, who can you?) and by the time the burn was over, we amassed about 12 gigs worth of shots totaling over 700 images!

 photo _D3C1662_zps915afb2f.jpg

 photo DSC_0058-2_zpscf54bb38.jpg

Check out my 63 pick of the pics myself, Doug, and Levi took HERE!
If you are a firefighter and would like a free high res digital file to have prints done, shoot me an email at bill@mnwxchaser.com and I'll get it to you!

The days are really getting longer now. Too bad the temperature is so slow to rise.

 photo 20130403-_D3C1293_zpse762306c.jpg

An eagle sitting on a floating chunk of ice on Mill Creek near my home.

 photo 20130403-_D3C1253_zpse0eaa7fe.jpg

The kestrels are back in full force! Tweety birds beware! These mini falcons are crazy efficient killers.

 photo 20130403-_D3C1160_zps46016ea4.jpg

Someone needs to tell the eagles to clean up after themselves. Beautiful swans and the remains of whatever the eagles had eaten earlier.

 photo _D3C1862_zps01b2bdc7.jpg

An eagle a LONG ways away. 500mm handheld and heavily cropped. Still trying to figure out what it was standing next to on the ice. Or what it may have been...

 photo _D3C1868_zps002889ca.jpg

Not wildlife...but reminded me of a high school buddy, Todd "Speedy" Peterson who had one. Good times...good times.

 photo _D3C1871_zps8bfdb529.jpg

Mergansers are anywhere open water can be found....which isn't much yet.

 photo _D3C1874_zps296e4a1c.jpg

This shot is kind of ironic. Deer in front of a deer stand. Right place, wrong season. For the hunter.

 photo _D3C1877_zps5fb7d4c2.jpg

Melinda spotted this otter on our Saturday evening drive. Up one hole and down another through the ice.

 photo _D3C1892_zps46db6c0b.jpg

 photo _D3C1897_zps089947c9.jpg

A sign someone is optimistic the ice will eventually leave this year. An osprey. The reason I mention the ice again is these guys eat only fish. When dinner is still under 2 feet of ice, times are going to be tough for a couple of weeks at least.

As you may have noticed the new banner at the top of the page, Midland USA has "sponsored" me for the 2013 chase season. I say sponsored as in providing me with one of their XTC300 HD cams to use this year. More on this later as I will be devoting a blog entry to this opportunity!

Until then, I will continue to wait for the snow and ice to leave and the convective season to really get rolling up here in the north. All indications point to a very active May and June as the jet shifts north!

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