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Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 22 Auroras and a Short Trip into St Louis County - McCarthy Beach State Park

Yup, it's August. Never know if it will be 45° at night or have a heat index of a 105° during the day. I just compared Thursday night of our camping trip to today (Sunday). What a roller coaster.

 photo _D3C7358_zps6439b732.jpg

Mel, the kids, and I took a 2 night trip up into the George Washington State Forest and stayed at a remote campground which is part of the McCarthy Beach State Park. For the record, the actual campground for the state park is a ZOO! If you are looking at wanting privacy and quiet, good luck. My advice is to make a reservation at the main campground then go up to the remote campground at Beatrice Lake (about 7 miles away on the other side of the park) and grab a spot there. They are first come, first serve so as soon as you claim one, you need to go back to the park office and notify them so they can release your reserved spot to someone else. Totally worth it!

 photo _D3C7128_zpsc3c19edd.jpg

Beautiful little lake to do some easy kayaking on.

 photo _D3C7186_zpsd0267612.jpg

The first night the moon was perfect for a night-time paddle.

 photo _D3C7152_zps297e9317.jpg

 photo _D3C7150_zps9be5d6af.jpg

 photo _D3C7162_zps6e4388dc.jpg

The auroras were out but the near full moon was really washing them out for the most part.

However, the moon can also work for doing night photography.

 photo _D3C7149_zps7142dd86.jpg

 photo _D3C7148_zpsd2dcfa28.jpg

 photo _D3C7146_zpsb094e6d0.jpg

The moon lighting up one of the glacial eskers near the lake.

 photo _D3C7231_zps6cf3f4f8.jpg

Late Friday afternoon I noticed a plane making tight circles just west of our campsite. I thought I knew what it was but wasn't sure...

 photo _D3C7220_zps814734c0.jpg

...until this came barreling over minutes later. Yup, the plane I had noticed was the spotter plane for the DNR's CL-215 water bombers. A wildfire had sprung up close to us and these are the guys which will take care of it in short notice. Back in 2010, Melinda and I had a front row seat watching these amazing aircraft work a wildfire near Princeton, MN.

 photo _D3C7233_zpsd8935e46.jpg

 photo _D3C7227_zps3373cc41.jpg

 photo _D3C7214_zps10454fb3.jpg

For thirty minutes or so the planes would scoop up water from nearby Sturgeon Lake , fly back north, drop the water then quickly return to the lake to repeat the process.

 photo _D3C7228_zps39966a2f.jpg

These guys fly LOW!

 photo _D3C7237_zpsc348ff5a.jpg

Heading over the trees on the south side of Beatrice Lake to Sturgeon Lake.

 photo _D3C7130_zps3bbfdda9.jpg

The sunset a little later was much more peaceful.

 photo _D3C7251_zpsf8c93d73.jpg

..and quiet.

 photo _D3C7352_zps2b3723d5.jpg

Red and white pine illuminated by the glow of a camp fire.

 photo GOPR0057_zps869434d2.jpg

 photo GOPR0005_zps447b9340.jpg

 photo GOPR0010_zps80eca463.jpg

It was a very enjoyable trip and a great way to kick off the late summer into fall camping season for us!

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