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Monday, September 2, 2013

August 31st Western Minnesota Chase and First Awesome Sunset of the Fall!

August 31st yielded one of the more photogenic storms of the year up here. Who am I kidding? 2013 has been pathetic and I'm as desperate as a divorced 45 year old accountant in a bar 15 minutes before closing at this point. I'll take whatever I can get!

Here is a time lapse video of the chase from the roof cam. After seeing a video Skip Talbot made a few years ago, I'm hooked on doing these!

You can see my chase accounts with all the images HERE!

Here are some highlight images.

 photo _D3C7382_zps7bdff606.jpg

First storm of the day! Supercell in Roberts county SD.

 photo _D3C7397_zps385a880b.jpg

Third storm of the day. Another supercell near Montevideo, MN. Didn't stay discrete very long with the surging cold front.

 photo _D3C7424_zpsed4b4fa1.jpg

The line forms north of Granite Falls, MN.

 photo 130831004_zps4ef538b6.jpg

Lightning over Hutchinson, MN on the way home.

The next day, September 1st, we had a real problem with CAA (cold air advection) clouds hanging around all day. Right at sunset they broke up so Melinda and I headed out to Ney Park near out home to see what the setting sun would do with the low clouds.

 photo _D3C7444_zps4819424c.jpg

Mother Nature was not going to disappoint.

 photo _D3C7446_zpsf96fd70d.jpg

Melinda checking out the colors.

 photo _D3C7451_zpsea5852f8.jpg

Big Bluestem prairie grass with a sky of fire taking shape in the back.

 photo _D3C7453_zps707604b4.jpg

What a way to end a beautiful two days of taking in what the sky had to offer!

Thoughts now turn to fall and the cool light opportunities. We have our annual wilderness trip coming up in a couple of weeks. Very excited to get into the BWCAW again!!

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